Foundation Repair Services In Rogers AR

Competitive Advantage:

In Northwestern Arkansas, Southwestern Missouri and Eastern Oklahoma one of the most difficult issues to deal with in the foundation repair industry is the diversity of soil types. The depth, density and make-up of the soil varies greatly from the deep soils of our valleys to the rocky cliffs upon which we love to build.

A Home Foundation Repair Company Unlike Any Other

American Standard Foundation Repair is unlike other foundation repair companies in that it has many products that are suited to many different types of soil. Most companies are built around a single product that is then applied to any situation that is encountered. With American Standard Foundation Repair you get a complete set of products that are simply the best for any type of home – brick or block masonry, slab home or conventional home.

Foundation Damage in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Southern Missouri

Home foundation damage can be severe in our area. From the shifting soils of our hillsides to the water saturated soils of our valleys, a company doing business in our area must be prepared to apply a product that is suited to each specific soil type. American Standard Foundation Repair brings you an array of products that are suited to the many geographic regions of our area.

Home Foundation Repair & Maintenance

Our foundation repair technique aims to prevent foundation damage from occurring in the first place. From water management systems to concrete and masonry repairs, we offer the products that help prevent damage or keep the existing damage from spreading to other areas of your home.

Call An Experienced Home Foundation Repair Contractor

The other ingredient in a successful foundation repair recipe is an experienced foundation repair contractor. We have the experience and training to do the job correctly the first time. We are so confident in our ability to do so that many of our products carry lifetime warranties that protect you from the costs of future repairs.

Talk to Michael Herring today about your foundation concerns. From diagnosis to repair plan to execution, he is the contractor you will want to do your job.

Community Involvement:

Community Involvement is one way of demonstrating a company’s commitment to the people which you serve. American Standard Foundation Repair is proud to sponsor the following organizations and events:
• Put for Paws
• Single Parent Organization of Benton County
• Several local athletic organizations

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