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Basement repairs pose challenging issues for foundation repair specialists. At American Standard Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves in our ability to properly diagnose and correct the most common and also the obscure causes of foundation failures found in homes with basements.

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Hiring Basement Repair Services

Many of the problems associated with homes with basements stem from the immense pressure surrounding the walls of the basement. When coupled with the fact that the backfill soil surrounding the basement walls will hold more water than the undisturbed soils surrounding the house, the walls of the basement are under great stress.

If there were flaws in design, excavation, back-fill, compaction, construction or maintenance of the home, the walls of the basement may become damaged causing bowing, destabilization or failure. The result of this is a leaky basement with walls which may bow or crack and a basement space which may be uncomfortable or even unsafe for habitation.

Finding the Cause of Basement Cracks and Failure

At American Standard Foundation Repair, we have an approach to basement repair problems which makes sense. Each of the common causes of basement foundation failure has a root cause which must be corrected in order to have a good outcome.

The water that you see on the floor or the bow or crack in the wall are just the symptoms of the problem. The root problem is usually pressure on the outside of the home which exceeds the ability of the structure to withstand this pressure.

Common Basement Repair Mistakes

Many companies attempt to place plastic sheeting on walls or drains in basement floors to capture water inside the home as a standard method of addressing these issues.

These methods are costly and do not prevent the on-going damage that occurs as water seeps through the foundation of your home and they do nothing to address the real issue.

These methods also tend to decrease air quality inside the home by increasing mold spore counts due to increased humidity levels and damp surfaces.

Our Expert Basement Repair Technique

The most sound repair method almost always involves a three step process that American Standard Foundation Repair has developed to decrease hydrostatic pressure, increase resistance to water flow and improve structural stability of the foundation proper.

Let American Standard Foundation Repair address the foundation issues in your home’s basement. Feel free to contact us today! We will be happy to take the time to explain the difference in our approach to this challenging problem.

Our Basement Repair Services Include:

  • Epoxy Injection and Closure Basement Wall Cracks
  • Basements Wall and Floor Waterproofing
  • Interior Catch Basin and Sump Pump Installation
  • Bowing Basement Wall Stabilization
  • Basement Sheet rocking, Flooring,
  • Basement ceiling repair and replacement
  • Brick or Block Masonry
  • Pre-construction Basement Waterproofing
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