House Leveling in Knoxville and Memphis TN

With branches in Rogers AR and Nashville TN

  • Shoring & Elevation
  • All FEMA and Road Home Paperwork
  • All Permits Included
  • Concrete Pilings Driven to Refusal
  • Home Elevated Above Base Flood Elevation
  • New Foundation Poured
  • New Stem-Wall Built
  • New Steps and Ramps Built
  • New Flood Vents Installed
  • Cosmetic Treatment of Exterior
  • Landscaping Included

Ensure A Strong House Foundation Leveling

A solid foundation is necessary for a durable and long-lasting structure. The walls, the ceiling, the floors, and the entirety of the rest of the house completely depend on this one important thing. Without a strong foundation, any house is subject to an assortment of complications and potential repairs, which means more money out-of-pocket for you in the long-run.

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What is House-Leveling & Shoring?

Foundations for buildings eventually settle over time. All structures are liable to experience some movement throughout years, even new houses. House-leveling and shoring are necessary steps for retaining a secure foundation for now and the years to come.
House-Leveling is an essential component for having a sturdy base in a house. When all areas of the house share the weight equally, there is no one place handling all of the pressure, meaning no chance of collapse in any area. The major component of house-leveling is shoring. Shoring is the method of supporting a building or structure by placing metal props underneath a building when in danger of collapse or during repair or alterations. This guarantees equal weight distribution and guarantees your house a more secure foundation.

How AS Foundation does House-Leveling & Shoring

American Standard Foundation Repair, LLC knows the importance of house-leveling & shoring and has necessary knowledge and tools to make it happen. Concerned about permits and quality? We have all permits for shoring & house-leveling, including all FEMA and Road Home Paperwork. Also, we have manners. It’s understood to leave a place better than it was found; we include landscaping and cosmetic treatment of the exterior, ensuring a professional, finished product on both the inside and the outside. Contact us today for your free estimate.

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