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Basements pose challenging issues for foundation repair specialists.Expert Basement Repair Company At American Standard Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves in our ability to properly diagnose and correct the most common and also the obscure causes of basement cracks and foundation failures found in homes with basements.

Each of the common causes of basement foundation failure has a root cause which must be corrected in order to have a good outcome. We can find and fix the cause of cracks in your basement floor.

Get Basement Repair Cost Estimate from ASFR

Our free basement repair cost estimates are performed by Certified Foundation Repair Specialist who are trained to recognize both obvious and obscure causes of troubling basement issues.

After we diagnose your basement issues, you will receive a Repair Plan Diagram that addresses the immediate cause of the basement failure, preventive measures that decrease the chances of this happening again as well as restorative measures that can put your basement back to its original state.

Basement Repairs Include:

  • Epoxy Injection and Closure of Cracks in Basement
  • Basement Wall and Floor Waterproofing
  • Interior Catch Basin and Sump Pump Installation
  • Basement Wall Stabilization
  • Wet Basement Repairs
  • Basement Sheet Rocking, Flooring
  • Basement Ceiling Repair and Replacement
  • Brick or Block Masonry
  • Pre-Construction Basement Waterproofing
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