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Stabilipier™Engineering Profile

grade beam technologyThe Stabilipier™ Foundation Repair System is simply the most technologically advanced system for the repair of unstable, cracked or damaged foundations on the market today. Before choosing a foundation repair company, a homeowner should understand the type of system that the company employs and feel confident in the installer’s ability. The Stabilipier™ Foundation Repair System was developed to attain maximum depth from the pier. Deep piers are stable piers because the load of the home carried by the pier is distributed across a greater surface area and into deeper, more dense substrata (layers of soil at different depths).

Stabilipier™ Foundation Repair system is superior to other foundation repair methods because:

Symmetrical Design Increases Strength of Your Foundation

The pier is installed symmetrically under the foundation footing, which provides better support and a more stable repair. By comparison, steel piers and augers installed by other companies are installed from the side of the footing and are usually driven at an angle. This provides less stability and can result in torsion of the foundation footing over time. Since our piers sit directly beneath the foundation footing, there is no need to bolt the pier to the footing. Augers and steel piering require a bolting mechanism which often cracks the already damaged concrete footing.

Precast Segmental Concrete Piering System

Stabilipier™ utilizes small segments of concrete (cylinders) are driven in succession under the foundation footing until the load (weight) of the home is overcome. Concrete is the material of choice for foundation repair because of its cost effectiveness and unmatched compression strength. Many systems commonly used by other companies in foundation repair use steel shafts of a diameter and grade that cannot compare to the l strength of concrete. Most steel systems are driven based on calculations to determine the “theoretical” resistance needed to sustain the load of the home. These companies do their calculations, drive their piers and hope for the best. Stabilipier™ tests the ability of the pier to overcome the load of the home as it is being driven. At American Standard Foundation Repair, we prefer to deal with “actual” rather than “theoretical” results.

Strongest, Most Stable Configuration

Stabilipier (TM) concrete cylinders are straight sided cylinders that are essentially the same diameter at the top as the bottom. This simplistic design, from an engineering standpoint, is the strongest, most stable configuration of any precast method. Companies that use cylinders with a screw shape or bell configuration actually have increased resistance to being driven in the ground. This results in shallower, less stable piers.

Rust Resistant Epoxy Coating

A solid epoxy coated steel core insures that the Stabilipier (TM) Foundation Repair System is driven straight into the ground in the most stable configuration possible. The epoxy coating of the steel prevents rust and is the latest in construction steel technology. Uncoated steel products and cables are inferior to the Stabilipier (TM) Foundation Repair System because they are prone to corrosion and decay and result in less stable structures that are less certain of their sub-soil configuration. In short, the Stabilipier (TM) Foundation Repair System has overcome the problem of curved or unstable piering, from which many other systems suffer.

Minimally Invasive Installation

Each Stabilipier (TM) Foundation Repair System installation is dug and installed using a shovel. This seems like a small and unimportant point. However, as opposed to using large trenching machines and augers, this method of installation results in less damage to underground utilities and pipes, reduced damage to the existing landscaping and ultimately, happier clients. It costs our company more to dig these piers by hand, but the results are worth the extra effort.

Fast And Efficient Installation

The average foundation repair can be completed in 1-3 days with little or no disruption of your household activities.

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