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At American Standard Foundation Repair, we understand the severity of termite damage and how to properly repair a home that has been affected by these prolific wood eaters.

Every year homeowners spend approximately 2 billion dollars preventing termite damage. In spite of these efforts, approximately 600,000 homes each year are affected by termites and the cost to repair this damage exceeds 5 billion dollars.

In terms of foundation damage from termites, there are few things that can have such a negative effect on the stability and structural integrity of a home.

See house leveling.

Why Do You Need Termite Damage Repair?

When termites affect the foundation of your home, structural members shift and become misaligned. The proper repair involves realignment and replacement of the structural elements of your home, as well as a thoughtful approach to preventing future infestations.

Call the Expert Foundation Repair Company

When the wood in your home’s foundation is deteriorated by termites you need an expert, licensed and certified foundation repair contractor to repair the damage right. Don’t trust these termite damage repairs to be performed properly by just your average carpenter. Feel free to contact us at any location nearest to you!

Let American Standard Foundation Repair put your mind at ease. We are the only contractor you will need for termite damage repair from start to finish!

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