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Sometimes walls need extra support. This could be caused by age, build, or simply due to the natural shifting of the ground on which the house is built. We are experienced with implementing tie-backs and wall anchors for extra support of the foundation and the overall maintenance of the house.

What is Wall-Anchoring?

Often because of the natural shifting of the earth and wear and tear from water, walls can bow due to the hydrostatic forces in the soil surrounding the walls. Screw anchors help prevent wall movement by holding the wall when the soil sweats. Wall anchors and tie backs correct damage that has already occurred and prevent more damage from happening.

How AS Foundation does Wall Anchoring and Tie Backs

Basement walls can be repaired using a screw system with anchor plates. A small hole is drilled in the affected wall and an anchor rod is passed through. A hole is excavated on the rear side of the wall and a bearing plate is affixed to the anchor rod. The screw anchor can then be tightened until a predetermined torque is achieved, properly anchoring the wall to prevent further movement. Feel free to contact us today!

Wall Anchor Installation in Knoxville and Memphis TN

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